German startup Bloom introduces AI-powered roleplaying chatbots to its erotic audio platform

Adding an AI-powered chatbot feature to its offering, German erotic audio startup Bloom is putting users into their own story with their favourite characters.
German startup Bloom introduces AI-powered roleplaying chatbots to its erotic audio platform

AI-powered roleplaying chatbots are now a thing, and before you go thinking this is an edtech feature, it’s not, these chatbots are here to roleplay your intimate fantasies. In saying that, this erotic audio content does actually have an educational element, for some.

German erotic audio content platform Bloom has launched these chatbots for its customer's pleasure this week. Users can interact with their favourite characters from the platform via text message, those paying subs can also receive voice notes in the character's own voice. For some, this might be the only time they welcome voice notes via text!

Voiced by actors, Bloom’s original offering on the platform comes in the form of audio stories - the startup says it caters for a ‘wide range of audiences and sexualities’, and there is also the aforementioned educational feature too.

A quick listen to a few of the stories gives this author all the feels of a Hallmark-type story from the offset but it doesn’t stop after the kiss. Narrated by the characters comes a blow-by-blow description of their intimate and erotic interaction. The text feature kicks in for those who want to become part of their own story, just select the character you want to interact with and make your move.

Bloom's text and voice note feature.
Bloom's text and voice note feature.

“When it comes to sexual content, we all have unique and specific desires we want to see fulfilled. And the more dynamic and customisable an experience can be, the more a user's exact preferences and desires can be satisfied. This is what we set out to change by introducing a feature where users can tell their favourite voices exactly what they are in the mood for and what fantasies they want to explore,” says Bloom CEO Hannah Albertshauser.

Apart from the obvious use cases for this type of AI-powered roleplaying chatbot, it can be a helpful tool for more people than you might think. 

“The characters are very respectful and affirming of your desires, which could make this function helpful for people who are overcoming sexual trauma, relationship abuse, or body image issues. It provides an example of what a positive sexual interaction looks like! I left the conversation with my chosen character feeling uplifted and excited to try out some of the fantasies we discussed with a live person,” says sex educator Suzannah Weiss

Lead image via Bloom.

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