Marts raises €1.75M in Pre-Seed funding to streamline IT management

Marts, a Copenhagen-based IT management platform, raises €1.75 million in Pre-Seed funding to further develop its solution that simplifies IT procurement, asset management, and support services.
Marts raises €1.75M in Pre-Seed funding to streamline IT management

Marts, a Copenhagen-based, self-described OS for IT management, has raised €1.75 million in a Pre-Seed funding round to further develop its offer.

The round was led by Denmark’s PreSeed Ventures alongside a host of angel investors including Peakon CEO Phil Chambers, Normative chairman Kasper Hulthin, and Klarna COO Camilla Giesecke as well as the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO).

Along the lines of what Parisian startup Primo and Berlin-based startup deeploi are working on, Marts is developing a solution aimed at helping IT professionals get at least a few more hours of sleep each evening and breathe a little easier in the process.

However, where the startup aims to stand apart from its competitors is in the fact that while Primo and deeploi are targeting the often underserved SMB market, Marts is going straight for the big play with enterprise customers. The modus operandi for Marts is to integrate with customers' existing IT systems, thus supporting their workflows and optimising them.

The Marts platform. Image via
The Marts platform. Image via

Hailing from a lineage that is the first employee at Peakon and COO at Corpay One, Marts founders Mads Viktor and Anders Therkelsen, respectively, experienced firsthand the woes of scaling IT within a scaleup.

Viktor elaborates:

“Anyone who's been in an IT room knows the sight of perfectly good equipment just sitting there, unused. With Marts we’re building the tools to help companies make smarter purchasing decisions — often the right choice is using the equipment you already own” 

Marts steps into the picture is through providing a platform that streamlines the process of buying and delivering IT equipment as well as asset management and support services. In so much, Marts is alleviating the pain that is the often found defacto system of disconnection and, dare it be said, spreadsheets.

“Businesses spend a substantial amount of time grappling with IT procurement, asset management, IT compliance, and IT support services. Whether these problems are outsourced or solved by an internal IT department the complexity remains high and the stakeholders many,” explained Viktor. “Today’s competitive landscape doesn’t allow for companies to struggle with complicated IT management.”

On the investment, PreSeed Ventures’ Alexander Viterbo-Horten commented:

“Marts enables their customers to focus on their core mission, by lessening the IT headache and increasing efficiency in operations. Mads Viktor and Anders have the potential to provide actionable emission insights and through that, also directly help customers lower their environmental footprint.”

Lead image: Anders Therkelsen and Mads Viktor. Photo: Uncredited.

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