Genie's open source web framework for Julia programming language attracts $1.2M

Genie offers open-source full-code and low-code web dev libraries, and a no-code app development tool called Genie Builder. 
Genie's open source web framework for Julia programming language attracts $1.2M

Today Barcelona-based open-source startup Genie announced that it raised a $1.2 million Pre-Seed round.

The open source startup is behind the no.1 web framework for Julia, a fast-growing programming language for high-performance computing.

Genie offers open-source full-code and low-code web development libraries, as well as a no-code app development tool called Genie Builder. 

Genie's low/no-code tools empowers data scientists, researchers and engineers to rapidly turn their data analysis code, machine learning models and simulations into shareable web applications. It suits computationally demanding industries, such as life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, and IT consulting.

With Genie's low/no-code web development tools, they can build any kind of data-centric web applications, from analytics dashboards to AI prototypes and products, simulation apps and smart tools, driving business impact faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.

Julia has over 1 million active users. The open-source Genie Framework has been downloaded over 90,000 times and starred over 2,000 times by developers on GitHub. The framework is widely used by data scientists, researchers, and engineers.

Genie's co-founder, Cinzia Palumbo, shared: 

"In today's enterprise, virtually every department needs to build custom web-based tools and products, including teams in data science and R&D. 

At Genie, we empower this diverse group of data professionals, engineers, scientists and researchers to share their work easily with web apps and amplify their impact within their organisations." 

"Genie users are building a wide variety of applications, including data exploration dashboards, financial data products, ML/AI, and simulation apps, bioinformatics apps, internal tools and more. 

With our no-code Genie Builder, they can build these data products in hours, instead of days and weeks, at a fraction of the cost it'd take had they engaged a software development team," adds Adrian Salceanu, co-founder and creator of the Genie Framework.

The funding is led by Speedinvest, with participation from Expa Ventures, Antler, APX/Heartfelt, and Shine Capital. 

"Genie's tools streamline the development of custom web apps for data science and R&D teams," said Yang Tran, an investor at Speedinvest. 

"The recent inclusion of Julia in the Tiobe top 20 programming languages index underscores the importance of companies like Genie.

With their impressive user growth and unwavering dedication to serving the data science and the research and development communities, we are confident in Genie's ability to make a significant impact on the no-code market."

Genie plans to use the funds to evolve Genie Builder into a next-gen no-code platform by incorporating generative AI for custom code generation, styling automation, and more.

The company also plans to develop Genie Builder into a polyglot platform supporting multiple data science languages, including Python, and adding the capability to deploy and run web apps in one click.

Lead image: Genie core team: CEO & CTO Adrian Salceanu, COO Cinzia Palumbo, Daniel Aguilar (lead frontend engineer), and Pere Gimenez, PhD (data science advocate). Photo: unknown. 

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