Zeedz raises $1M Seed funding for its climate change fighting game

Zeedz launches a play-for-purpose game to fight carbon emissions while funding global green projects.
Zeedz raises $1M Seed funding for its climate change fighting game

Today gaming company Zeedz announced a $1 million Seed round and the launch of the free-to-play (F2P) game, Zeedz, on Android and iOS app stores worldwide. 

The company has created the first play-for-purpose game where players fight global carbon emissions by collecting plant-inspired creatures, or Zeedles. 

Super cute graphics. Image: Zeedz.

Different Zeedles require specific weather conditions, prompting players to use in-game educational resources to learn about climate zones and actionable tips for reducing emissions. 

The game teaches players about climate change. Image: Zeedz.

As Zeedles hatch and grow, they evolve based on real-time weather and user care, enabling players to see the direct impact that weather has on their creatures. 

Players can also lead Zeedles into battle and fight against enemies sent by the Evil Lord CO the 2nd.

The investment was led by the panellists of Germany’s Shark Tank, Die Hohle der Lowen, which includes notable entrepreneurs and investors such as Carsten Maschmeyer, Tillman Schulz, and Dagmar Wöhrl. 

Zeedz is the only startup in the show’s history to close unanimous funding from all five celebrity judges. The funds raised will help scale and market the game to a global audience, driving broad awareness of climate change.

An NFT version is also available for players, as well as physical trading cards for pre-order. 

Ten percent of the company’s earnings and 50% of all Marketplace profits fund green projects all around the globe in collaboration with Zeedz’ sustainability partner The Gold Standard.

Carsten Maschmeyer, panel member of Die Hohle der Lowen shared: 

“Zeedz is revolutionising the gaming industry for a good cause. It is the first game of its kind to generate financial contributions for non-profit organisations and have a clear intent on raising awareness on global warming. It combines in-game challenges with real-world weather phenomena. That immediately excited us judges.”

Lead image: Zeedz.

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