Nortech AI raises €2.5M for IoT solutions in maritime industry

Nortech AI, a Norwegian-Portuguese IoT startup, raises €2.5 million to enhance maritime industry sustainability. Its plug-and-play solution reduces costs and environmental impact.
Nortech AI raises €2.5M for IoT solutions in maritime industry

Norwegian-Portuguese IoT solutions startup Nortech AI has raised a €2.5 million funding round to bring its plug-and-play solution to maritime and other asset-heavy industries, reducing costs and the impact of those industries on the environment.

Indico Capital Partners and Earlybird-X both invested in the Seed round.

“The maritime industry is ripe for the implementation of software that helps it become more sustainable. Nortech´s software is fast to integrate with existing systems onboard and therefore allows ships' operations to become more sustainable immediately. We are proud to be supporting this transition of the global maritime industry with our Blue Fund," says Stephan Morais, Managing General Partner of Indico Capital Partners. 

With offices in Bergen and Lisbon, the Nortech AI team is developing solutions to digitise the maritime market, its plug-and-play solutions are already being used by many customers in the Nordics. It captures and uses industrial IoT data to make real-time decisions and enhance operations with scalable data models. 

“Our mission is steeped in simplicity and efficiency. We envision a world where businesses leverage the power of industrial IoT without the accompanying complexities. It’s about creating a future where digitalisation is not a hurdle, but a pathway to sustainable and smart operations," says Francisco Roque, Nortech AI’s CEO. 

Lead image: via Nortech AI. Photo: Uncredited.

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