Zendesk acquires Tallinn-based quality management platform Klaus

Zendesk acquires Tallinn-based Klaus, an AI-powered quality management platform, to enhance its workforce engagement solution.
Zendesk acquires Tallinn-based quality management platform Klaus

Tallinn-based quality management platform Klaus has been acquired by customer service industry stalwart Zendesk. The move further bolsters Zendesk’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive AI-powered workforce engagement management (WEM) solution, with Klaus’ tech fulfilling the role of QA. The terms and financials of the deal remain undisclosed.

"As AI drives up the speed and frequency of customer engagement, only AI-powered quality assurance (QA) can keep up as companies work to identify and fix gaps in their customer service operations," explained Zendesk CTO Adrian McDermott. "The combination of Zendesk AI and Klaus' capabilities will help businesses navigate greater complexity and volume and ensure both digital and human agents deliver highly personal and empathetic service."

Klaus' founders photo is a strong contender for the GoaT title.
Klaus' founders photo is a strong contender for one of the greatest of all time. 
"We wanted to do something stupid but it was Paula Ilves that worked really hard to help us with the execution" - Klaus CEO and founder Martin Kõiva

Founded in 2018, Klaus’ AI-powered review automation platform allows businesses to analyse the quality and coverage of customer interactions. A compelling offer six years ago indeed, however, as more and more support inquiries are being resolved sans humans, that is, chatbots, the need for quality assurance yardsticks such as Klaus become ever the more apparent.

According to Klaus, the company says that its competitors are capable of scoring only 1 to 2 percent of interactions, and are blind to trends, while its AI offer scores each and every customer support interaction.

As part of this scoring system, Klaus can zero in on conversations with either positive or negative tones, pinpoint outliers, flags churn risk, and can push escalations and/or follow-ups from both digital agents and human agents, even those of outsourced teams.

"Zendesk and Klaus share a vision of AI-led, personalized CX with businesses fully anticipating and acting on their customers' needs," said Klaus CEO and founder Martin Kõiva. "QA software plays a critical role in this, ensuring consistency, assessing both human and digital agent performance, and providing actionable insights for strategic planning. As part of Zendesk, we will continue to build and deliver these crucial capabilities, but now at an even greater scale." 

Having raised just shy of $20 million since mid-2018, the acquisition of Klaus marks a successful exit for backers including Creandum, Acton Capital, Icebreaker.vc, and Global Founders Capital.

Lead image via Klaus.

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