London-based telco startup shaka rings up $1M in seed funding round

Emerging from stealth today, mobile telecom services provider, shaka secures $1 million seed funding for eSIM technology.
London-based telco startup shaka rings up $1M in seed funding round

Officially leaving stealth today is London-based mobile telecommunication services provider shaka as the company announces a $1 million seed funding round.

Similar to what Berlin-based Gigs offers would-be customers, shaka is leveraging eSIM technology to allow brands to offer tailored mobile packages, ultimately looking to increase engagement, loyalty, and recurring revenues.

The $1 million seed round was led by UK-based seed fundHaatch, with Purple Ventures and Antler participating alongside several undisclosed telecommunications industry angel investors.

With the investment, the startup says it can begin onboarding customers from the entertainment, retail and fintech sectors that have expressed interest in leveraging the company’s offer. The capital is also earmarked for international expansion.

Shaka co-founder Jonas Jelinek shared:

“After banking and insurance, telecoms is next on the list of legacy industries ready to be disrupted and fundamentally uprooted with technology and a truly customer-first approach. 

“Offering mobile plans to your customers — something that today takes over a year and costs millions of dollars to do, can be done with shaka with a single API call.” 

Shaka is by no means alone in the white label/embedded telco-as-a-service industry, and faces steep competition from several players, least of which is the aforementioned Gigs that has a two-year head start, is a Y Combinator alum, and is armed with $24 million.

Lead image: shaka founding team. Photo: Uncredited.

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