Delfos Energy's real-time virtual engineer software attracts €6.3M investment

Delfos’ software allows energy companies to identify potential maintenance issues, downtime risks, and faults before they cause a loss of power generation.
Delfos Energy's real-time virtual engineer software attracts €6.3M investment

Today Barcelona renewable energy software company Delfos Energy announced a successful €6.3 million Seed round

Delfos has developed real-time virtual engineer software, which harnesses AI and big data to provide owners and managers of renewable energy estates with automated performance and reliability workflow management. 

Across the renewable energy sector, many solar, hydro, or wind farm operators are underperforming - on energy generation, downtime reduction, and overall site efficiency by as much as 10 percent. 

In 95 percent of cases, the leading cause of downtime is reliability and maintenance issues, which could be minimised with real-time reliability X-rays that flag potential failures before they occur.

Delfos’ software platform - offered as a SaaS to B2B customers, allows utility companies and renewable energy asset managers to identify potential performance improvements, maintenance issues, downtime risks, and faults in real-time via a performance & reliability x-ray — before they cause a loss of power generation.

Delfos’ technology allows engineers to identify a performance issue in 24 hours and fix an upcoming major component fault between 3-5 months before a major downtime event occurs through part failure.

According to Guilherme Studart, CEO of Delfos Energy: 

“If we are to fully enable a green energy transition, the renewables at the heart of our future energy supply chain must be as efficient and reliable as possible. 

This is where Delfos comes in --- our technology is designed to drive up the energy produced by each renewable asset, making them more lucrative to run, more efficient, and more appealing to investors looking to back the energy transition to net zero.”

Contrarian Ventures and Headline led the funding—existing investors, including DOMO.VC and EDP Ventures, also participated.

Rokas Peciulaitis, Managing Partner at Contrarian Ventures, commented: 

“Infrastructure investors in renewables want efficiency, stability, and to be able to make timely decisions well before failures to ensure their sites are up-and-running 24/7 with no downtime.

Delfos’ predictive management platform is a critical software infrastructure layer to ensure the resilience of those assets.

We are excited to partner with an exceptional Delfos team, and we are impressed by their existing client trust and traction. We believe they will be the leading product in the market as they scale across Europe and the US in the coming years.”

Romero Rodrigues, Managing Partner at Headline, shared: 

“Delfos combines management and AI in one of the most attractive sectors today: renewable energy.

With the need for sustainable development and the growth of the ESG agenda around the world, businesses like theirs stand out for solving real issues.

Additionally, we were especially excited about the startup’s potential for international expansion.”

Delfos moved to Europe recently, establishing a new headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Delfos’ operations also maintain a LATAM HQ in Brazil with 55 employees in total. 

The company will use its latest funding to drive expansion in Europe.

Lead image: Matthew Henry

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