Oslo-Based startup Midio raises $660,000 for visual programming interface development

Oslo-based startup Midio, offering a visual programming interface for backend development, raises $660,000 in pre-seed funding. Midio aims to fill the market gap with high-level, flexible programming tools.
Oslo-Based startup Midio raises $660,000 for visual programming interface development

Midio, an Oslo-based startup working on backend development via a visual programming interface, has raised $660,000 in a pre-seed funding round.

While there’s no shortage of low-code tools available to developers and non, they often tend to fall short when it comes to flexibility, a pain particularly felt by out-of-the-box thinking developers.

This market gap is one that Midio intends to exploit, bringing the accessibility of high-level tools with the flexibility of a general-purpose programming language.

Midio CTO Kristian Hasselknippe elaborates:

“When we ran a tech agency, quickly prototyping to explore problems together with clients was crucial. We tried many low-code tools but never managed to get past the prototyping stage.

"Midio was born from this need — a tool that's fast and high-level yet has the technical depth experienced developers require.” 

CEO Anders Bondehagn adds:

"Midio excels across numerous use-cases, with third party service integration being a prime example. Modern software development often involves a mix of proprietary systems and external APIs. 

“Often, existing tools limit developers with pre-made integrations that don’t handle your required use-cases. Whenever you're dealing with less common scenarios, Midio provides the fastest route to a complete solution."

Midio’s pre-seed round was led by Strise-backed Sondo Capital and drew the participation of CTO Roundtable Invest, Tiny.vc and The Nordic Web Ventures. Angel investors backing Midio include individuals hailing from several prominent Norwegian tech companies including Oda, Sanity, Ardoq, Enode, Scrimba and Tise.

Lead image: Midio co-founders Anders Bondehagen (CEO), Kristian Hasselknippe (CTO) and Jacob Løvenskiold (COO)  (left to right). Photo: Uncredited.

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