Landmine-detecting drone startup, Broswarm raises $100K

Broswarm leverages advanced multisensor fusion tech to significantly increase the speed, safety, and efficiency of demining operations.
Landmine-detecting drone startup, Broswarm raises $100K

Broswarm, a militarytech startup focused on mine detection, has raised $100,000 in funding. Broswarm is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and was founded in 2023 by Ernestas Žvaigždinas, an exited founder, Karolis Žvaigždinas, a physicist specialising in machine learning programming, and Mindaugas Talaikis, an engineer. 

The company is dedicated to changing the global approach to mine detection. Leveraging advanced multisensor fusion technology, the startup aims to significantly increase the speed, safety, and efficiency of demining operations worldwide, saving lives and restoring land to safe use.

Landmines remain a lethal legacy of conflicts and continue to threaten lives and livelihoods in war or former war zones.

According to the 2023 Landmine Monitor report, landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) resulted in 4,710 casualties in 2022, including deaths and injuries, in 49 countries and two non-state regions.

Of these casualties, civilians made up 85 per cent , with children representing half of this number, totaling 1,171 incidents. The situation is especially dire in Ukraine. An estimated 174,000km², over 30 per cent of Ukraine's territory, are suspected to be contaminated by mines. 

This affects some of the country's most fertile agricultural land. Ukraine, a significant global food exporter, traditionally accounted for a notable share of wheat, grains, and sunflower oil exports before Russia’s invasion.

Broswarm aims to address the critical challenge of mine detection in Ukraine by leveraging drones equipped with advanced sensors and machine learning technology, offering a cost-effective solution. 

Broswarm's 'multisensor fusion' or 'multi-sensor array' technology payload for drones,  integrates metal detectors, magnetometers, thermal imaging, and HD cameras. It also features a sensor with groundbreaking technology developed by Broswarm, and in the process of being patented, which makes it possible to find small items previously undetectable or extremely hard to detect. 

This ensemble enables machine-learning algorithms to analyse sensor data, allowing for the precise identification of mines with remarkable accuracy and efficiency, even in challenging climate and terrain conditions.

Ernestas Žvaigždinas, co-founder and CEO of Broswarm, said: 

“Despite advancements, new mine detection and clearance technologies have yet to make a substantial real-world impact. Most current methods are virtually unchanged from those used a century ago. We aim to change this status quo. 

Our goal is to develop mine detectors that are cost-effective and efficient and capable of rapid deployment across various regions. We will visit Ukraine later this year to begin applying our solutions where it matters most.”

The round was led by ScaleWolf, a hybrid accelerator and fund for defence tech.

Edvinas Skerza, Managing Partner at ScaleWolf, and former Vice Minister of Defense of the Republic of Lithuania, said: 

“The Broswarm team have the right mix of skills and know-how to take the technology to the real world and make an impact where it is most needed. Their tech-enabled, lean product makes it an exciting prospect for alleviating some of the burden in Ukraine as well as other war zones and former war zones.”

The funding  will allow the startup to continue developing its multisensor array technology and patent its proprietary technology for the remote detection of small mines and objects. Broswarm intends to launch towards the summer and travel to Ukraine later in the year to conduct several field tests.

Lead image: Left to right - Mindaugas Talaikis, Ernestas Zvaigzdinas, Karolis Zvaigzdinas from Broswarm, and Edvinas Kerza from ScaleWolf. Photo: uncredited.

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