Water Kinetics secures £150K for Eco-Duo water recirculation system

Water Kinetic’s unique Eco-Duo pipework saves energy and reduces the risk of developing pathogens like Legionella.
Water Kinetics secures £150K for Eco-Duo water recirculation system

Today, plumbing startup Water Kinetics secured £150,000 investment from the British Design Fund for its innovative ‘Eco-Duo’ pipe-within-a-pipe water recirculation system. This system can help reduce carbon emissions and energy use while aiding safe pathogen levels within drinking water systems.

Co-founder and inventor Maxwell Bridges was inspired to create the product while watching a wildlife programme on penguins. The programme explained how recirculatory blood vessels help penguins maintain a consistent temperature and prevent their feet from sticking to the ice. 

Having been involved in designing and installing hot and cold water systems all his working life, Maxwell spotted a potential solution to many of the problems associated with traditional water systems - in particular, heat loss. He went on to design and create Water Kinetic’s unique Eco-Duo pipework.

Image: Water Kinetics pipe within a pipe system-

An independent study conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) comparing Eco-Duo to a traditional water recirculation system found Eco-Duo reduced energy costs by up to 50 per cent, thanks to its temperature retention effectiveness.

Cost savings are generated through a 50 per cent reduction in the required pipe insulation and fittings, labour costs, and increased volume of usable space within a building due to the one-pipe system. The pipework itself also costs, on average, 40 per cent less than traditional pipework systems.

Water Kinetic co-founder and managing director Jonathan Waggott explained: 

“We’re delighted to have secured this investment from the British Design Fund. It will help us expand our reach, introduce new machinery, and aid further product development.

As well as supporting the move to net zero by lowering emissions and energy use, the Eco-Duo brings the circulating water right up to the point of use, eliminating the possibility of dead legs in the system, resolving one of the leading causes of water-borne pathogens within potable water systems today: stagnant water. 

This benefit, added to the temperature stability, reduces the risk of developing pathogens like Legionella within the water.”

One of the significant causes for Legionella persisting is the inability of recirculation systems to retain temperatures within safe, functional levels.

Water Kinetics’ single pipe recirculation system, Eco-Duo, has been designed to help keep temperatures within the accepted safe levels, helping reduce pathogens present within water.

Damon Bonser, CEO of the British Design Fund, said: 

“The experienced team at Water Kinetics really impressed the investment committee with their innovative ‘green’ pipework system, which has environmental, cost, and health benefits.

The concept has already been proven through a BRE trial, and many successful installations have already been completed. There is fantastic potential for the company to quickly scale, and we look forward to supporting the team on their growth journey.”

The British Design Fund works with product startup enterprises ready to scale up and build thriving stand-out businesses. In addition to capital investment, BDF provides expert mentoring to support such companies in accelerating their growth plans.

Lead image: Elaine Waggott and Jonathan Waggott, Water Kinetics. Photo: uncredited. 

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