Get ready for the Roundtable at the Summit London 2024!

Let's see what's on the agenda for the Roundtable discussion at the Summit in London 2024.
Get ready for the Roundtable at the Summit London 2024!

The Summit London 2024 is just days away! We have shared with you how our three-day conference will be with the detailed guide.

At our conference, we'll dive deep into the pulse of the tech world at the Startup Stage and Roundtable areas, alongside captivating sessions led by our expert speakers, all featured on the main stage.

Let's take a look at what will happen at the Roundtable.

In the Roundtable area, our speakers and participants will explore deep into the heart of the tech world, engaging in lively discussions on fascinating topics around a round table.

The Roundtable will start at 11.00 am on both 16 and 17 May. The first discussion topic of the first day will be "London as a Gateway: Empowering Startups from Emerging Europe". In this session, Enis Hulli, General Partner at 500 Emerging Europe, Lyubov Guk, Founding Partner at Blue Lake VC and Yalcin Gungoren, VC and Growth Investor at EBRD will join the participants to share their insights, experiences and strategies for startups from emerging European countries who want to use London as a gateway to global markets.

In the second session of the day, Arin Ozkula, General Partner at 500 Emerging Europe, Firat Isbecer, Co-Founder and CEO at Commencis, and Morgane Zerath, Principal at Crane Venture Partners, will present "Breaking Barriers: Unraveling Fundraising Bottlenecks for Startups in Emerging Europe". This session promises to be a comprehensive examination of the challenges that startups in emerging European countries face when seeking funding. 

Conversations dive into the nuances of fundraising will span a diverse array of topics including the accessibility of funding avenues, investor perspectives, legal hurdles, and the craft of cultivating investor relations. Participants will gain insights into alternative financing models, burgeoning market trends, and the pivotal role of supportive ecosystems in fostering startup development. Through the exchange of success narratives and exemplary approaches, the session aims to furnish startups with tangible strategies to surmount challenges and effectively secure the investment essential for scaling and expanding within the dynamic landscape of emerging Europe.

In the post-lunch session "Importance of cross-border collaboration within the region", George Karabelas, Principal at VentureFriends and Kaan Eren, Principal at 500 Emerging Europe will highlight the critical importance of regional collaboration. The conversation will encompass themes such as regional market expansion, supply chain resilience, innovation, and technology exchange. Concrete instances of surmounting cultural and linguistic obstacles, navigating political and economic uncertainties, and diverse models of institutional collaboration will also be showcased. 

In the first session on 17 May, Institute for Free Trade Co-Founder and Executive Director Naweed Khan and Ussal Sahbaz, Managing Partner of Ussal Consultancy will present "Navigating Regulatory Terrain: Unveiling Europe's Dynamic Regulatory Landscape" will focus on examining Europe's dynamic regulatory landscape. 

This session will offer a thorough exploration of the regulatory hurdles, compliance obligations, and legal procedures encountered by businesses and entrepreneurs across Europe. Attendees will gain insights into regulatory variations among EU member states, the influence of prominent regulations like GDPR on enterprises, and sector-specific regulatory frameworks. 

In the next session "Redefining Work: Tech's Evolution in the New Frontier of Workforce Dynamics", Deepka Rana, Principal at Northzone, Joshua Olusanya, Investor at Illuminate Venture Capital and Nikhil Punwaney, Investment Associate at Partech will provide a platform to discuss the new frontiers in workforce dynamics and the evolution of technology. 

This session will look into the influence of technology on the workforce, with a particular focus on advancements in digitalization, artificial intelligence, automation, and remote work. Participants will explore how technology is reshaping work processes, the rising significance of flexible and remote work arrangements, and the utilization of digital platforms for workforce management. 

In the last session of the day, Ussal Sahbaz, Managing Partner at Ussal Consultancy, and Cansu Deniz Bayrak from TBI will present "Top Tech Disruptors for Governments: The Impact of GenAI on Public Services", will discuss the impact of artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms (GenAI) on public services, one of the most important technological changes facing governments.

The session will explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and genetic algorithms on the provision of public services. Participants will deliberate on the potential of GenAI to address governmental challenges, enhance efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and elevate service delivery to citizens. Crucial topics including the influence of these technologies on government policy formulation and decision-making processes, as well as ethical and privacy considerations, will be thoroughly examined. 

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See you on 16 and 17 May!

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