Guide: What awaits us at the 3-day Summit London 2024?

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Guide: What awaits us at the 3-day Summit London 2024?

The Summit London 2024, which we have been waiting for a long time, is now only a week away. In these days when the countdown is accelerating, the excitement of all of us has increased considerably.

We are aware that the work should not be limited to content while experiencing a conference experience. For this reason, we have brought together in this guide what will happen from the first moment to the last and what kind of experience the Summit London 2024 will provide for you in our conference, which shapes the technology of the future with its valuable guests today.

Pretty sure everyone's got it marked: our conference is happening on May 16th and 17th. However, another surprise awaits the participants with VIP Pass on the evening of 15 May: VIP Reception.

15 May 2024 / Wednesday

How do you get to 116 Pall Mall?

Let us state from the beginning that only VIP Pass holders, speakers and partners will attend the VIP Reception. The venue of the event, which will take place on 15 May at 19.30, will be 116 Pall Mall. Reflecting elegance and glamour, this iconic venue will host us before the Summit London 2024 with its rich history and stunning architecture that promises a unique environment for unforgettable experiences.

Getting to 116 Pall Mall in the centre of the city is really quite simple. It is only a 6-minute walk from Trafalgar Square, one of the most important centres of London, and if you want to reach the venue by "Underground", all you have to do is get off at one of the Piccadilly Circus, Green Park or Charing Cross stops. After that, you will find yourself at 16 Pall Mall with a maximum 10 minute walk. After a network-filled evening to be spent here, the big day will be waiting for us.

16 May 2024 / Thursday

How do you get to Old Billingsgate?

The moment we have been waiting for months has arrived! Today is the start of the Summit London 2024!

After waking up in the morning and getting ready, you left the house/hotel and started to think "how will I get to the conference?". Don't worry, because you will reach Old Billingsgate, one of the most beautiful places in London, without any difficulty.

After getting off at Monument Underground Station using the Underground, we will be welcoming you after a 4-minute walk. If you want to use National Rail, you will need to walk 7 minutes from London Fenchurch Street Station, 9 minutes from London Cannon Street Station, 12 minutes from London Bridge Station or 16 minutes from London Liverpool Street

If you use Tower Millennium Pier, you will be at Old Billingsgate with a maximum walk of 4 minutes. If you prefer to come to the event with your private car, the venue does not have a private parking area, but there is a separate car park 250 metres away. So you have more than one option to reach the Summit London 2024. 

When you step into the event area after the time on the road is over, you will be welcomed by a magnificent area and you will find yourself heading to the registration desk. When you open your Events application, which we have developed entirely with Webrazzi Technology, and show the QR code, our team will give you your badge and then the adventure will begin. Of course, at this point, I would like to proudly mention that the entire infrastructure of the event was also developed by the Webrazzi Technology team.

Didn't have breakfast? Or do you prefer to drink only coffee in the morning? Maybe you are very tired and just need some water... Don't worry, we will have various treats throughout the event. Moreover, these treats include unlimited coffee and food.

While sipping your coffee, you will be able to review the conference programme on the application and access the details of all speakers. At the same time, you will be able to see who is online in the area, and if you wish, you can even arrange a meeting from the application. Although we are in a digital world, we all love physical interaction. Therefore, you will be able to do face-to-face networking if you wish. 

What VIP Pass offers?

If you have a VIP Pass, you will also have access to the Speaker/VIP Lounge to interact with speakers and VIPs. So you can also do your networking in this area. 

One of the most important points we would like to emphasise here is that reputable media professionals will also be a part of our conference. Throughout the day, we will have the opportunity to meet with journalists from press organs such as BBC, The Times, The Financial Times, Reuters, The Daily Telegraph, Bloomberg, Sunday Times etc.

At this point, we should not forget Startup Stage, a special platform where Europe's most innovative startups will showcase their technologies and present their ideas to a global audience. This year's Startup Stage is expected to host over 25 startups from various technology sectors. Startup Stage will also host a dynamic live Q&A session, allowing startups to interact directly with venture capitalists and receive real-time feedback.

The bells are ringing for us!

Our conference will start with Arda Kutsal's opening speech and there will be a coffee break at 10.30. During this time you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the sessions with other participants. Half an hour later, when the second part starts, a full stage will be waiting for us until 12.40. At 12.40, the light rumbling in the bellies will be replaced by delicious food. 

As of 14.00, the second half of the conference will start. After a few full panels, there will be the last coffee break of the day at 15.20. Then, from 15.50, we will witness our valuable guests sharing their knowledge with us in the last quarter of the day and we will slowly come to the end of the first day of the Summit London 2024. But the day will not end here, because we will meet at the Night Party in the evening! Night Party will start at 21.00 pm at The Reveller, Tower of London and all participants of the Summit London 2024 will be able to enter this party free.

With the view of Tower Bridge, one of the first structures that comes to mind when it comes to London, we will relieve the tiredness of the first day and turn our daytime acquaintances into evening networking. Who knows, maybe the first step of some permanent friendships will be taken here.

After a sweet exhaustion, we will go to bed and when we wake up the next day, we will be ready for an experience reminiscent of Groundhog Day but completely far from boring, coming with a brand new day. 

17 May 2024 / Friday

After opening our eyes and getting ready by muttering "It's Friday and I'm in love", a new networking time will start at 9.00 am with coffee and breakfast. The sessions will start at 9.30 and the first coffee break will start at 10.30 and last half an hour, just like the previous day. After a full information flow, there will be lunch between 12.40 and 14.00.

At the end of the lunch break, we will only have a coffee break between 15.20 and 15.50, and just like on 16 May, we will spend the whole day learning about the technological developments and trends. At the same time, our network notebook will be quite full. 

After two full days, we will say goodbye to you at 17.30 and start counting the days for our next event. 

If you have not yet taken a step to be a part of this impressive experience, we remind you that you can buy tickets here

See you at the Summit London 2024!

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