Start networking ahead of the Summit with the Events app

Download our app to reach out to others and learn everything you need to know about the Summit London 2024.
Start networking ahead of the Summit with the Events app

If you’re gearing up for the Summit London 2024 next week and are too dizzied by our extensive lineup of Venture Capitalists and founders to know where to start, there is an app developed by -you guessed it- Webrazzi Technology team.

It’s so hard to make the most of busy tech conferences, and even with the programme ahead of time I’ve been overwhelmed with liaising with others about panels and arranging drinks. 

Expand your network with Events app

Building a network is not a two-day affair no matter how efficient you are, and the Events app is here to help. I explored every nook and cranny of the app so that you can jump straight in. You can familiarise yourself with faces via headshots too, so no excuses for blanking on someone’s name!

Programme information, details about the participants and much more

But it’s not just the speakers you can see beforehand. We have a searchable list of all attendees, and the app’s chat and meetings features can be used to reach out to anyone registered for the event. You can lose the long email threads, propose a time, give them an inkling of what you want to know and you’re set.

Use the programme tab to survey our full agenda, including timings and titles, so that you can build a personalised schedule and coordinate with likeminded attendees on attending talks. We have allocated time for breaks, but you can always nip into the VIP lounge or a quieter area to complete work.

Possibility to enter the event with QR code

Your profile card is just a click away from the homepage, so you can leave the business cards at home and just tap the unique QR code on your profile to build your network.

If you haven't secured your tickets yet, there's still time to do so. To attend the Summit London 2024, you can purchase tickets hereWith the Events app in hand, you'll have everything you need to navigate the summit seamlessly, connect with fellow attendees, and make the most of every moment. Download the app now on App Store and Google Play, and reserve your spot to be part of the future of technology.

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