Dreamcraft Ventures launches €66M fund for SaaS and fintech

Investments so far cover DACH and the Nordic region.
Dreamcraft Ventures launches €66M fund for SaaS and fintech

Dreamcraft Ventures has closed its €66M Fund II to invest in B2B software companies.

Its portfolio will have 3 core themes: B2B SaaS (e.g. Playable), Digital Entertainment (e.g. Hiber) and FinTech (e.g. Banking Circle, acquired by EQT). This focus doubles down on verticals in which Dreamcraft has invested previously.

Investments so far include:

  • Rig.dev (Denmark) an open-source application platform for Kubernetes
  • Hakio (Denmark) an AI-powered forecasting platform for the fashion industry
  • We Are Learning (Norway) a SaaS platform enabling immersive learning content.
  • Inceptron (Sweden) redesigning computing infrastructure by building heterogenous hardware accessibility increasing efficiency and lowering costs
  • Tilta (Germany) an embedded lending infrastructure for B2B e‑commerce transactions
  • Neoke (Netherlands) a digital identity hub that enables seamless travel experiences, and empowers travellers to maintain control of their data

Limited partners of Dreamcraft’s new fund consist of institutional investors from the Nordics such as Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, as well as Family Offices and well-connected entrepreneurs.

Dreamcraft follows graduation-centric structure and supports its portfolio founders on critical operational topics from the first engagement. The firm has already made several investments in Germany and will continue building the bridge between the Nordics and Germany with ambitions of investing in broader Europe.

“We’re glad to have the continuous support and trust of our LPs to bring our investment and value-add approach - what we call venture engineering - from the Nordics to the European ecosystem.” said Carsten Salling, General Partner at Dreamcraft Ventures. “We’re convinced that VC is a craft, not an art, and we’re excited to be supporting the most ambitious founders across Europe with our structured and reliable investment approach.”

Managing Partner Daniel Mariussen said: “It’s about being a reliable partner for the founders. We’re strongly convinced that early-stage investing is a craft and it's about getting the work done. We work hand-in-hand with founders to build successful ventures and support them towards Series A, even with the nitty-gritty things. Founders can rely on us and get the missing pieces in building what is needed to be built to graduate at pre-seed and seed stages.”

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