Cabify partners with Polestar to expand its Spanish EV fleet

The companies have signed an agreement to incorporate 100 electric cars in Barcelona and Madrid.
Cabify partners with Polestar to expand its Spanish EV fleet

Cabify and Polestar have partnered to decarbonise the PHV transportation sector in Barcelona and madrid. Thanks to the collaboration between both companies, Cabify users will have at their disposal 100 Polestar vehicles, specifically the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor Plus model, which will be available in these cities, 50 in each of them.

In addition, this collaboration between both companies will also benefit companies and freelancers that collaborate with Cabify in Barcelona and Madrid, as they will be able to acquire Polestar vehicles at a reduced price.

Javier Dorado, Cabify's Director of Public Affairs in Spain, said that "Polestar is the best traveling companion we could have in our commitment to sustainability and innovation. With the acquisition of these new 100% electric vehicles, we reaffirm Cabify's commitment to the city of Barcelona, promoting a more efficient and environmentally friendly urban mobility. We will continue working to improve the city's air quality, increasing the use of shared vehicles and reducing emissions from cars connected to our platform".

Pedro Parra, Commercial Director of Polestar Spain, stated that "these kinds of agreements are very important for our brand as they help us to give visibility to our products as well as contribute to our main objective which is to promote and accelerate the sift to 100% electric mobility. We are very happy that Cabify's customers can appreciate the quality of our Polestar 2." He added that the Polestar 2 vehicle was chosen for its quality, comfort, soundproofing and livability.

Polestar 2 vehicles are 100% electric, zero-emission vehicles with a range of up to 655 kilometers in urban use. They have been selected for their quality attributes, comfort for passengers and drivers, soundproofing, and habitability. They will be operated by Vecttor, a subsidiary of the Cabify group, both in Barcelona and Madrid. They will save more than 500,000 liters of fuel and avoid the emission of 800 tons of CO2.

A key factor is the pre-installed fast-recharging infrastructure in both cities. In the case of Barcelona, the operation will be carried out through public charging thanks to an agreement with several companies and will use exclusively renewable energy. In addition, the company will also rely on the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, which has a public access charging network distributed throughout the city.

With the entry of these Polestar 2 cars, 82.5% of the fleet connected to Cabify in Barcelona now has an Eco or Zero label, a figure 14 times higher than that of the Barcelona fleet, where the number of cars with these environmental labels stands at 6%. In the case of Vecttor, all vehicles are Eco or Zero.

According to the objectives set out in the company's Sustainable Business Strategy, 100% of trips through the app will be in decarbonized vehicles by 2025 in the city. Until all trips are in 100% decarbonized vehicles, Cabify offsets all emissions from trips made by its private users and companies through the platform.

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