Natalie Novick

Natalie is a sociologist and Research Director for the European Startup Initiative, a non-profit research group. For the last four years, she has been conducting fieldwork with entrepreneurs and community builders for the project, The Startup City: The meaning of place in Digital Europe, in support of her PhD dissertation for the University of California, San Diego.

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OpenOcean VC: Funding the future of European data companies

Big data, has been called by some to be the “new oil“. While others challenge that association, it is abundantly clear that innovations that harness the power of big data have an incredible opportunity to build some of the most exciting technologies of tomorrow. OpenOcean VC is a European investor working to propel companies in […]

Photo by Will Myers on Unsplash

The Reverse Pitch: Outlier Ventures

Choosing the right type of investment is one of the most integral decisions one will make as an early-stage founder. If that decision involves taking on external funding, identifying the right firm to come along on your startup journey is critical. Here, we’re asking European investors to share a little bit about themselves, to make choosing […]

Pitch + Plant highlights latest innovations and opportunity in European foodtech

On July 13th, London’s LUSH Studio hosted a tasty gathering of some of Britain’s most innovative food pioneers for the inaugural Pitch + Plant startup competition. Created by Vevolution, the competition was designed to shine a spotlight on new plant-based innovations in foodtech, a space that continues to experience considerable growth in Europe and beyond.  Growing […]

Wrocław’s XTPL aims to print the future of manufacturing

No invention has changed the world quite like the printing press. Initially developed in China and then later commercialized in Europe by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1400s, the printing press revolutionized society through mass production of the printed word. Today, a company in western Poland has been developing a manufacturing process that aims to make […]