UK business intelligence company AMPLYFI has acquired Deep Web Technologies, a US-based business, for an undisclosed multi-million dollar amount.

The Cardiff-based company uses machine learning and data analytics to mine the deep web, the billions of websites we cannot see. After acquiring the hard-to-reach data, AMPLYFI converts it to business intelligence for its customers.

Now Deep Web Technologies’ search capabilities will power the analytics platform further. Together, the two firms have customers that span all sectors, such as RBS, Airbus, BP, Stanford University, Boeing, and the UN.

Founded in 2015, the Welsh business tripled its revenue in the last year and hopes to maintain that pace with the help of new funding.

Chris Ganje, CEO of AMPLYFI, said:  “We’ve never thought of ourselves as a start-up. We were always a global enterprise from day one and this acquisition is the coming together of two of the world’s most exciting forerunners in deep web data analytics.”

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