Belfast-based cybersecurity firm B-Secur has raised £3.5 million. Of the investment, £1.5 million comes from Accelerated Digital Ventures, and £750,000 from the Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Growth Fund. The rest is from private investors.

B-Secur has developed biometric technology that uses an electrocardiogram (ECG) to measure a person's heartbeat pattern and verify their identity. The company says that this internal measurement is a more secure form of authentication than other biometrics, such as fingerprints or iris-recognition.

“This announcement underscores the growing demand from organisations to provide better security to their customers in this digital world, amid an escalation in high-profile cyberattacks,” said Alan Foreman, CEO of B-Secur, as reported by Silicon Republic.

The identification technology has potential for broad use across many sectors, from finance to healthcare, to unlocking cars and mobile devices.

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