Belgian startup has raised 500,000 to develop a go-to market strategy for its workforce knowledge base. Investors include imec.istart, Skyhaus, and Roel Naessens. The company also received innovation grants from VLAIO, a governmental agency for entrepreneurship.

Based on deep learning algorithms, the platform maps the skills of all employees in a company, providing management with an overview of the knowledge and interests across the team.

“Research shows that 30 percent of employee turnover is due to the poor match between the tasks and skills and personal interests of the employee,” said co-founder Charles Boutens. “With our platform we want to make it possible for teams to share information more easily so that employees gain a greater insight into their own competences and thus develop new skills themselves.”

Founded one year ago, the startup is part of imec.istart’s acceleration program. Boutens had the idea for the platform when he himself was an employee at ML6, a Ghent-based machine learning company. Now ML6’s parent company, Skyhaus, is investing in his new venture.

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