Brussels-based APROPLAN and Copenhagen-based GenieBelt have announced a merger. The newly created company, LetsBuild, will employ 120 people and be active in construction space in 35 countries across the world. In addition to that, the new company has just raised an undisclosed amount from existing investors, including Fortino, Inventures, Enern, Solar A/S, and Nordic Makers.

Both APROPLAN and GenieBelt have developed cloud and mobile solutions for the construction industry, which provided data-driven insights that can “significantly rectify the current problems of excessive waste and time and budget overruns in the world’s second-biggest industry,” the companies stated in a press release. That’s also what the new startup will focus on.

LetsBuild will be headquartered in both Brussels and Copenhagen. GenieBelt co-founder and CEO Klaus Nyengaard will become the CEO of LetsBuild, while APROPLAN’s CEO and co-founder Thomas Goubau will get the CCO title.

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