Bolt rolls out Bolt Franchise, announces plans to expand to Asia Pacific and Latin America

Markus Villig, CEO deTaxify à Paris, FRANCE - 03/10/2017 - blah balh blah en ne mettant aucun accents dans le texte de la description

Bolt, the Baltic-born mobility platform, is launching Bolt Franchise to bring its urban transport and delivery services to new parts of the world. The new programme aims to expand outside the company’s core markets in Europe and Africa, to regions like Latin America and Asia.

This makes the Estonian unicorn the first mobility platform to launch an international franchise programme for on-demand transportation and food delivery. Accepting applications globally, the programme is based on Bolt’s long-term partnerships with organisations who manage its local operations in select markets, including Mexico, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The company will team up with approved franchisees for running mobility services in their markets on a revenue share basis. These local companies can choose one or more services, including ride-hailing, micromobility with scooters and electric bikes, and food delivery. They will be in charge of the local operations, such as marketing, customer support and onboarding drivers and couriers.

Bolt is hoping to take last year’s growth into this year. After announcing €50 million venture debt for further R&D last January, the company “almost doubled the number of our customers in 2020, growing to 50 million users in 40 countries and 200 cities,” according to Nikita Utkins, Franchise Expansion Manager.

Photo: Markus Villig, CEO of Bolt

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