The Sint-Jans hospital in Brussels helps at least one victim of an e-scooter accident per day and expects the numbers to rise when the weather gets better, reports. Currently, there are four e-scooter companies operating in the city, of which two (Troty and Bird) have entered a winter hiatus, one (Dott) has just started its “beta testing,” and one (Lime) fully operational.

“Over the past few months we have seen more and more victims of scooter accidents,” said Dr. Robert Leach, the head of the emergency service at Sint-Jansziekenhuis. “We are already at an average of at least one or two per day. If the weather turns nice, that number is likely to rise. Besides, not everyone mentions that they had a scooter accident.”

The most common injuries of the e-scooter accident patients are mere scratches and abrasions, but fractures of upper arms and wrists also happen often. Most of the accidents seem to happen when an e-scooter encounters a bump on the road, which causes the small front wheel to turn 90°, effectively bringing the vehicle to a full stop. Combined with a speed of up to 25 km/h and the lack of rider protection like a helmet or elbow pads, situations like this aren’t likely to end well for the rider.

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