Smart city operator Connexin banks £80 million to keep up with UK demand


Connexin, a London-based smart city operator, has secured £80 million in funding to keep up with demand in the UK. Whitehelm Capital, an Australia-based independent infrastructure manager, bought a large minority stake in the company and says it has “earmarked further capital for investment through the partnership.”

“This investment isn’t just about Connexin. It affects every community,” says co-founder Furqan Alamgir.

“Everyone deserves clean air, tidier streets, safer roads. By allowing all communities to have access to our digitally connected infrastructure, it enables connected devices to ‘speak’ to one another which paves the way for amazing things.”

Founded back in 2006, the company now develops IoT and smart city solutions for a variety of urban issues: waste management, flood prevention, water and electricity usage, mobility and parking. 

In 2019, Connexin delivered the UK’s first purpose-built Smart City Operating System for Hull City Council. This year the team implemented its CityOS platform to improve highway maintenance services across Sheffield.

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