Berlin’s Construyo gets €2 million to develop its bespoke software-service approach to construction projects


Berlin-based contech startup Construyo has raised €2 million in a seed round led by London’s Talis Capital. The German company plans to develop its project management platform, as well as its network of construction professionals, to become a complete end-to-end solution for the industry.

“While large industries like manufacturing and agriculture saw huge productivity increases due to digitisation, the construction industry works largely how it’s always done. Over the past 20 years, it’s seen just a 20 percent increase in efficiency and, in such a digital era, it’s just no longer fit for purpose,” explains Leonhard Jeub, co-founder of Construyo

The project management platform covers the early stages of residential construction: from quotes to contracts, designs, plans and engineering certificates. In addition to the software, the company partners with engineers and architects to provide a bespoke service to each customer. Partners apply to join the platform and must pass a “detailed vetting process” to become a member.

All together, co-founder Fabian Müller claims the service “automates large parts of the back office work, which can take up around 30 percent of an architect’s time, while our data shows that for customers, using Construyo makes the process up to four times faster than going directly to an architect or engineer.”

Founded in 2018, the startup previously raised money from business angels such as Florian Swoboda, founder of Liberty Ventures; Florian Leibert, founder of D2iQ, and Jan Kanieß, co-founder of Payone.

Photo: Construyo co-founders Leonhard Jeub and Fabian Müller


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