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ECTOR Parking, a French valet parking startup, has raised €2 million in funding from ViaID, Day One Entrepreneurs & Partners, 123 Investment Managers, and bpifrance.

ECTOR was founded in 2013, and aims to provide customers with a solution for storing their vehicles while traveling, while simultaneously helping car parks to increase their filling rates. It currently operates at 14 locations in France and has partnered with major transportation companies.

The company offers a system that allows travelers to leave their cars with valets at airports or train stations before they depart. While the customers are away, their vehicles are kept in nearby car parks, where they are cleaned and checked before their owners return.

ECTOR says it plans to use this funding to strengthen its sales, technical, and operational teams to bolster its presence and reputation in France before expanding into the international market.

ECTOR Parking

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