eFounders launches new startup studio for fintech sector, Logic Founders

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Belgian startup studio eFounders is branching out, launching a brand new studio just for the fintech sector. Logic Founders is its name, and it will be independently run by fintech entrepreneur Camille Tyan.

Tyan previously co-founded PayPlug, an online payments company later acquired by Natixia/Groupe BPCE. As the new studio’s founding partner, he said,  “We are entering a new era where financial services will no longer be distributed by banks but integrated within all software products, thereby creating new possibilities.”

With that in mind, the studio is specifically looking to launch API-first products that enable platforms and other apps to offer banking services. Some business ideas are already in the mix around payments orchestration to asset security, crypto and B2B identity.

In the last 10 years, eFounders’ core area of expertise has been the future of work, shown by the launch of 27 companies, including Front, Aircall and Slite. That said, the team has also helped build four fintech companies (Spendesk, Upflow, Multis and Swan). But a new studio is necessary for a sector that requires deep industry and regulatory knowledge.

Logic Founders follows the same structure as the original. The studio comes up with unique ideas and typically partners with two entrepreneurs, one technical co-founder and one business co-founder. Over the course of 12-18 months, the studio and founders will work together to transform the idea into an independent company, building a first version of the product and hiring a team of 10 to 15 people. The project is then presented to investors in order to attain financial — and therefore operational — independence from the studio.

For the latest research on the state of European fintech, check out tech.eu’s new report that was released last week.

Photo: Camille Tyan will head up Logic Founders

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