Helsinki-headquartered micro-influencer startup Boksi has landed $1 million in a funding round led by Trind Ventures, with participation from Nordic VC Wave Ventures, Business Finland, and angel investors.

Boksi, which launched in the summer of 2018, claims to be one of the fastest growing influencer marketing platforms in Europe, where it’s present in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, the US, Denmark, and Croatia. The platform analyses posts of micro-influencers on Instagram and maps the behaviour and preferences of their followers.

“Marketers are paying to reach the followers of the influencers, not the influencers themselves,” said Boksi’s CEO Lasse Laaksonen. “While influencer preferences are an ok proxy for follower preferences, it’s far from perfect. We are digging deeper and analysing the followers and their behaviour to better map the perfect fit between marketers and influencers.”

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