GetJenny, a customer support chatbot startup from Helsinki, has raised a €2 million funding round led by Dubai Angel Investors and May Nasrallah of deNovo Corporate Advisors, with participation from Exio, Business Finland, and existing investors.

The Finnish startup’s product is a customer support chatbot that supposedly can handle routine and repeated tasks about as good as human agents, allowing the latter to focus on more important and challenging tasks. The platform is marketed as being “human-directed” in a way that all the support conversations held by people are fed into the system.

“There is a fear surrounding AI that the technology is out to replace people, but we believe it’s about starting a revolution that makes the life for humans more rewarding,” said Teemu Kinos, CEO of GetJenny. “This investment has provided us with a market entry opportunity where we can help customer support teams around the world fall back in love with their jobs and provide meaningful assistance to those in need.”

Founded in 2016, GetJenny claims to have worked with more than 40 clients, including If P&C Insurance and the Slush conference. Its platform operates in 30 languages across the industries of healthcare, insurance, banking, public sector, and internal support.

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