Belgian media startup Look Live Media has launched VeriFlix, an AI-powered platform for news organisations that gathers and sifts through user-generated video content in order to surface the best submissions and isolate fakes. Created in collaboration with and partly funded by Roularta Media Group, the project also received €400,000 from Google's Digital News Initiative (DNI) fund.

Many news organisations across the world rely on user-generated videos to cover the goings-on, particularly in remote locations. VeriFlix allows them to file a content request, available for users within the specified geofence to work on.

“The incentives can range from virtual recognition (credits in news stories, status, etc.) to cash rewards (the best video receives X euros) or contests,” a spokesperson for VeriFlix told “Partnering news companies can decide whether they'd like to activate these types of rewards or not.”

After that, VeriFlix's AI engine analyses the submissions to ensure their relevance and authenticity. The system looks at the video itself and its metadata but also compares all the responses to one content request to make it easier to reject the inconsistent ones. The supposedly accurate submissions can then be categorised based on different parameters.

Look Live Media is working on the project together with an AI team from the KU Leuven university. The platform can be used as a white-label solution; the company is also working on an SDK that would allow integration with existing apps of the customers.

Photo by Davide Pietralunga on Unsplash

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