Electric vehicle scale-up Greenflux sells Dutch divisions to Joulz, will focus on global expansion

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Dutch electric vehicle scale-up Greenflux is selling the Dutch division of its charge point operator (CPO) and e-mobility service provider (EMSP) to Joulz, an energy infrastructure company in Rotterdam. The Amsterdam-based business would rather focus on expanding its electric vehicle charging platform in key markets across Europe, Asia, and the US.

Greenflux CEO Jurjen de Jong commented, “Our CPO and eMSP division is mainly active in the Netherlands. The new owner, Joulz, is ideally positioned to let this business grow further.”

That part of the business will now be known as Joulzcharge Solutions BV. Joulz, which provides energy infrastructure and services, sees the acquisition as a way to remain a market leader during the transition to electric energy.

“The demand for electric transport is increasing rapidly. Not only is the growth in electric company cars increasing, but we see demand growing in the transport and public transport sector. This means that much more charging infrastructure is also needed,” said Jan Verheij, CEO of Joulz.

As a result of the deal, Joulz will also become a customer of Greenflux, using the EV charging platform to manage its charging network in the Netherlands. Further details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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