German startup Headmade Materials raises €1.9 million to expand metal 3D printing technology

Headmade Materials

Headmade Materials, German developer of a metal 3D printing process called ‘cold metal fusion’, has raised €1.9 million from the Industrial Technologies Fund of btov Partners.

The Würzburg-based startup and its technology make producing (in this case, printing) metal parts more affordable, using low-cost 3D printers and standard materials already available on the market. “This allows customers to scale from a very capital-efficient entry point to this technology all the way to very high production output,” according to a press release.

At the center of the cold metal fusion process, and the business, is the Headmade feedstock, a combination of metal powder and a special polymer binder system which can be processed on almost any laser-based 3D printer. In addition to selling this material, the startup also adapts individual alloys upon customer request and offers consulting services.

Commenting on the investment, the startup’s managing director Christian Staudigel says, “We have been working on the technology for five years and the partnership with btov now gives us the opportunity to accelerate the company’s development and realize our vision of 3D series production.” 

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Würzburg-based polymer research institute SKZ, the business will use the investment to scale up its technology as well as its marketing efforts.

Photo: Founders Christian Staudigel and Christian Fischer

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