Network intelligence platform, or GraphTech as they like to call it, Palturai has raised €4 million in a Series A round led by VR Ventures with participation from FIV and a number of undisclosed investors. Kantwert established a presence in the US market in March of 2020 under the banner Palturai, and the funding is expected to further this move as well as expand into new industry segments.

Founded in 2014 by Sascha Stürze and Tilo Walter, the Palturai service provides customers with data visualisation tools and business intelligence sourcing data exclusively from official sources including SAP and Salesforce.

By connecting all the dots in one centralised depot, organisations are able to visualise customers, suppliers, and prospects as one entity as opposed to segregated silos. In other words, who knows who and who knows what. Ultimately, the output results in the discovery of new leads, better access to decision-makers, and quick identification of any bottlenecks in the pipeline.

“Palturai sources its data from authoritative sources and uncovers business relationships typically not found in social networks,” says FIV Managing Partner Philipp von Hagen. “Integrating Palturai’s BusinessGraph about decision-makers and ownership structures into core business processes improves relationship management, enhances efficiency, reduces risk and strengthens business integrity.”

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