London-based HealthHero has acquired Paris-based, Kamet Ventures-backed medical video consultation firm Qare.

Financials were not disclosed.

“We created Qare in order to empower patients by offering them access to a holistic set of personalised medical services that were previously only available in-person. Following its tremendous growth, we are delighted to see it join forces with HealthHero to set the gold standard of what patient-centric telemedicine can look like,” says Kamet Ventures CEO Stephane Guinet.

With a €100 million+ annual revenue run rate, and covering 22 million lives and 3 million consultations a year, HealthHero is touting to be the largest telehealth provider in Europe. In addition to providing services in the UK, Germany, and Ireland, through the acquisition of Qare, HealthHero can now add France to the list.

“This is the most significant telehealth acquisition in Europe in recent times, and firmly secures HealthHero’s dominance in the growing telehealth sector, in the largest healthcare market in the world,” comments HealthHero CEO and co-founder Ranjan Singh.

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