Led by Framework Venture Partners and joined by Gresham House Ventures and Sage, Countingup has just closed a £9.1 million series A round.

The fintech startup offers a business current account with built-in accounting software solution. The two-in-one app simplifies bookkeeping and taxes for both the self-employed and accountants across the UK.

Currently counting over 34,000 customers, Countingup automates some of the most time consuming aspects of bookkeeping and taxes. Consumers are able to share accurate, real-time bookkeeping with their accounts, thus reducing re-authorisation requests, duplicate entries, and overall inaccuracies.

“Countingup is the one fintech out of the hundreds Framework has met that truly removes massive friction faced by entrepreneurs everyday. Entrepreneurs wake up everyday doing what they love and Countingup helps them do just that. No entrepreneur ever says ‘Can’t wait to do my bookkeeping! Can’t wait to do my taxes,’” comments Peter Misek from Framework Venture Partners.

Interesting to note that fintech Sage is investing in fintech Countingup. Do we have any takers on how long before the acquisition occurs?

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