Belgian Look&Fin, a crowdlending platform dedicated to SME financing, has completed its first funding round of €3 million. The funding comes from private Belgian and French investors.

Founded in Belgium in 2012, the startup came to France in late 2015. The lenders come from five different countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Since 2012, Look&Fin has raised €15 million in funding for SMEs.

Look&Fin will use the funds to increase the number of projects that it finances. The platform intends to spread to other countries and raise €150 million euros by the end of 2018.

“We finance an average of €250,000 per company. There is a real enthusiasm on the part of lenders to invest through crowdlending,” said Frederic Levy Morelle, the company president told Journal Du Net.

Read more: Journal Du Net (French)


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