Machine learning health tech company Medial Earlysign secures $30 million

Israeli health tech company Medial Earlysign has announced a $30 million funding round led by aMoon Fund, the venture firm from Check Point founder Marius Nacht. Horizons Ventures also contributed to the Series B round along with Medial Earlysign’s cofounder Nir Kalkstein.

Medial is developing new patient and disease management solutions using machine learning. Its products leverage electronic health care and blood test data to develop insights for medical professionals on the best treatments and predict what patients are at risk from specific illnesses.

Healthcare data is still underutilised, said Ori Geva, CEO of the company. Medial’s data analytics will provide “valuable insights and create improved actionable opportunities for early intervention, improved decision making, more effective care management, and physician and patient empowerment,” he added.

The new funds will be invested in further product development. It is currently building a suite of predictive and algorithmic services and is in the midst of clinical data studies with 14 institutions (including Oxford University) globally with data from more than 20 million patients.

Medial Earlysign’s total funding now stands at $50 million.

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