No, SecureWorks’ IPO isn’t “the first tech IPO of the year”

Woke up early this morning and one of the first things I read was this Business Insider article about the SecureWorks IPO. Can you spot the error?

I'll help out. Let's start with the headline ("The first tech IPO of the year already looks like a bummer") and the body of the text ("There hasn't been a single tech company that's gone public this year").

Other than that, there's nothing wrong with the article. :/

That's incorrect information obviously, unless of course the United States = the world. To wit, there have been five tech IPOs in Europe in the first quarter of 2016 alone. Granted, none of them were huge, but flotations they were.

Next week, we're releasing our report on M&A transactions and IPOs in European tech in Q1 2016, setting the record straight. Stay tuned, lest you think the US is the only country in the world where technology companies are born, grown, and listed publicly.

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