Oxford-based biotech Biomicrogel Group raises $13 million to save nature

Biomicrogels Group has raised $13 million in an effort to bring their products to the global market and save nature from pollution.

The round was led by Swiss Investor Gregory Berenstein.

“I’m sure the future of the home care and industrial markets lies in modern, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly products. Biomicrogel Group is just beginning to conquer large-scale industries in terms of volume,” comments Berenstein. “I’m convinced with the results the team has already achieved and believe in their potential to take a leadership position in the global market.” 

Founded in 2015, Biomicrogel Group uses microgel technology from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and has created industrial and home cleaning products. On the industrial side, Biomicrogel cleans oil and petrol from wastewater, eliminates oil spills, and increases vegetable oil extraction. Notably, this past summer, Biomicrogel’s products were instrumental in helping to mitigate the diesel fuel spill accident in Norilsk

On the consumer front, Biomicrogel Group’s WONDER LAB brand includes products for everyday home cleaning, laundry, and fruit and vegetable washing. 

The products are made from plant raw materials, and the Group’s technology holds 80 patents in 62 countries.

“Due to their high cost, microgels were previously used sparingly and mainly in the field of medicine for microencapsulation and drug delivery in the human body. We have developed a new technology to produce them from vegetable and globally distributed raw materials,” comments founder Andrey Elagin.

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