Oxford University spin-off Animal Dynamics acquires Accelerated Dynamics

Oxford-based unmanned aerial systems startup Animal Dynamics has acquired another UK-based company, Accelerated Dynamics, which has developed ADx, an AI platform for drone fleet management.

Animal Dynamics, which raised £6 million in funding last November, builds “bio-inspired” unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Its main products, Skeeter and Stork, are designed after the flight mechanics of dragonflies and birds, respectively.

“Integrating the Accelerated Dynamics ADx Platform Skeeter will be able to operate as a fleet of drones for applications such as survey inspections, defence and crop management for farms,” Animal Dynamics stated in a press release. Stork, on the other hand, “will support sophisticated deployments of supplies and equipment in humanitarian aid, emergency response and extreme logistics scenarios” when used in conjunction with ADx.

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