Estonian proptech startup R8tech raises €900,000 to reduce energy consumption in office buildings


Thanks to a €900,000 funding round from new investors, Tallinn’s R8tech will expand its building management software that helps control the indoor climate of commercial buildings, reducing carbon emissions. While currently overseeing 500.000 sqm of real estate, the company plans to triple that area this year.

Energy savings vary between 10-20 percent per property, though that can be higher, says the startup. For example, a 25,000 sqm government building in the Estonian capital cut its energy consumption by a third, saving 225 tons of CO2 in four months.

The proptech platform takes advantage of other ‘Building Management Systems’ used in large shopping centers, office buildings and similar commercial buildings, which employ thousands (if not tens of thousands) of sensors and data points. From there R8tech optimises the indoor climate, detects faults in the system, and manages tasks for the building staff.

Founded in 2017, the Baltic company is active in 12 different countries across the EU, including Portugal, Finland, Austria, Netherlands and Poland, serving clients such as WeWork.

Photo: Siim Täkker, CEO of R8tech

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