Ukrainian “deepfake-for-good” startup Respeecher raises $1.5 million

Ukrainian-founded AI startup Respeecher has landed a $1.5 million in funding for its voice transformation and transfer technology aimed at the entertainment industry. The round was led by ff Venture Capital, with participation from Acrobator Ventures, ICU Ventures, Network VC, and several angel investors.

Kyiv-based Respeecher provides an AI-based toolkit to change recorded voice or “transfer” the voice of one person to another (not in real time yet, though). Prior to the latest funding round, Respeecher raised about $120,000 as part of the programme at the Techstars accelerator in Philadelphia.

Here’s a quick technology demo from the startup’s website (keep in mind that the voice cloning was done in post-production):

Respeecher claims that its technology is already being used by content creators, while its customer list supposedly includes “one of Hollywood’s largest film studios” which has “used the technology in a global blockbuster.”

In addition to the entertainment industry, the Ukrainian startup is also looking to expand to the call centre market.

“‘Deepfakes-for-good’ is an attractive area to explore,” said Bas Godska, founder of Acrobator Ventures. “The Respeecher team knows extremely well how to adapt to trends and has the full-stack tech stamina to optimise fast across various demand sectors. We’re excited and proud to ride this wave together with Respeecher’s voice wizards.”

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