Game developer Rollic, an Istanbul-based subsidiary of Zynga, has bought the popular matching game Onnect from fellow Turkish company CHEF Game Studio for $6 million. A future payment of $1 million hangs in the balance of terms and conditions.

Onnect is a connection-based pair-matching game with challenging levels. In the game, players must find matching tiles and connect pairs of up to three lines to remove all tile pairs before their time runs out. The game will be developed in-house at Rollic going forward.

Founded in 2018, the Turkish mobile games developer and publisher has built a portfolio of ‘hyper-casual’ games, eight of which have hit the #1 or #2 ‘top free download’ spots in the US app store.

To enter the hyper-casual market, Zynga acquired the company this past October, buying 80 percent of the company for about $180 million, with plans to buy the rest over the next three years.|

Photo: Rollic and Onnect dealmakers

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