Finnish startup Rundit raises €1 million to help VCs manage portfolios


Helsinki-based startup Rundit, a platform for VC portfolio management and monitoring, has raised €1 million in seed funding. The round was led by two new angel investors, including Pierre Weimerskirch, board member of several PE and VC funds and the LPEA Luxembourg Private Equity Association.

The Finnish platform lets all sorts of investors get regular investment reports with a real-time data flow from portfolio companies to GPs, and eventually to LPs and fund administrators, too.

“Startups want to be out there growing their business to become the next unicorns, not submitting cumbersome investor reports with out-of-date tools such as Excel. Similarly, very few VCs enjoy making reports for their investors (LPs) with data that is typically already old by the time the fund report is generated,” says Rundit co-founder and CEO Jori Karstikko.

Founded in 2017, the company now serves customers in over 28 countries, including about 300 VCs. The fresh capital will be used for scaling across Europe and the US, as well as developing the product for GPs.

Photo: the Rundit team

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