Italian startup Shampora raises €3 million to expand its platform for personalised beauty products


Shampora, an Italian company that allows users to create and buy customised personal care products online, has closed a €3 million funding round. CDP Venture Capital, the partners of Italian Angels for Growth, Finbeauty, Gisev Family Office and LVenture Group all participated.

Founded in Rome in 2018, the company helps consumers create, produce and buy customised personal care products. On the startup’s website you can take a quick questionnaire, around 30 specific questions about the customer’s hair, skin, lifestyle, habits and needs. Shampora’s proprietary algorithm analyses the data and creates a personalised list of ingredients, then sends information to a laboratory to make tailored products.

So the company has some vertical management going on, handling its own research and development, manufacturing, direct-to-consumer marketing and logistics.

Manuel Corona, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, envisions the service eventually going all the way, from roots to ends, so to speak. “We could even come all the way to each customer’s home to apply the products directly to their hair, if you ask to do so,” he says.

The team of over 20 people work from Italy, Spain and France, the same countries where the business is operating. Thanks to this new funding, Shampora wants to expand into other European markets, starting with Germany and the UK. With the goal of selling over 1 million products a year, the company has already invested in robotics in its Rome-based lab.

Photo: Two co-founders Irene Gullotta and Manuel Corona

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