German privacy hardware startup siOPTICA has raised €2 million from current investors to ramp up production of its on-demand privacy shields for all sorts of devices. Leading the funding round was bm|t (beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh), while Antwerp-based Capital-E and business angels joined as well.

Switchable privacy screens protect displayed information from neighbouring views without the need to carry and apply an extra privacy foil. The screen privacy mode can be switched on or off by a single key stroke. Founded in 2013, SiOPTICA has applied its technology to automotive passengers displays, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and payment terminals.

In addition to fueling “high-volume” manufacturing of existing products, the company devote more development time to its laptop and tablet computing projects. Last but not least, the team will research new privacy technologies that can be integrated with new and upcoming displays.

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