Swedish solar power: SunRoof buys Redlogger to launch renewable energy ecommerce platform

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Swedish solar roof manufacturer SunRoof has acquired Redlogger, a Swedish company that develops hardware and software to support renewable energy producers. The plan is to launch a tech platform that sells surplus energy generated by SunRoof solar panels, starting with the Polish market.

“Our ambition is to become the largest energy marketplace in Europe, and to use the Redlogger infrastructure to develop a platform that can compete with Tesla’s Autobidder,” says Lech Kaniuk, CEO of SunRoof. “By joining forces, we can digitise the energy market and promote the use of renewable energy sources.”

The Nordic tech startup (the name refers to “Renewable Energy Data Logger”) has built a system that measures and reports gross production of renewable energy, so that producers can manage their supply or receive compensation from the Swedish Energy Agency. Previously only available in Sweden, Redlogger will soon be available in all countries where SunRoof operates. 

In addition to the solar energy marketplace mentioned above, SunRoof will use the acquired technology to develop a digital home platform. The system will inform homeowners how to best use the electricity – whether to charge an electric car, store the power in a battery or sell the surplus on the e-commerce platform.

As for details of the deal, Kaniuk commented: “Some of the acquisition-related transactions were cash transactions, while some involved SunRoof shares, meaning that key Redlogger staff have become our partners.”

Founded in 2013, SunRoof’s goal is to develop a solar roof with a modern design that would replace the traditional roof and produce ecological electricity without having to install photovoltaic panels. The company reports 500 percent year-on-year growth, which amounts to building 100 roofs in Sweden, Norway and Poland.

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