Cambridge-based search platform has raised a £3.76 million Series A round led by Nauta Capital, with support from existing investors. The UK startup has developed a deep tech matchmaking technology that transforms how professional networks and connections are built. 

Founded in 2016, uses AI to crawl online content and data, conduct thorough market research, and identify human experts in a given field.

“Our technology can acquire, comprehend, categorise, and index any kind of material on the web. This constructs the most accurate expert profiles based on a profound understanding of the links between the individuals, the institutions with which they are affiliated, online media authored, and the knowledge areas in which they reside,” explained co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Hari Jackson.

The experts are then matched with businesses who seek such expertise.’s connection platform allows one-on-one conversations and focus groups.

“Primary research plays a crucial role in informing the biggest decisions that businesses make; whether considering expansion into a new market, sizing up an acquisition target, or planning new product lines. There is a huge demand for specialist insight to de-risk critical decisions, which is why the market is worth $5 billion and growing,” explained co-founder Graham Mills.

“With this funding support, we can empower more companies to go beyond who they know, to find who they need,” he continued.

The Series A will help the startup open an office in New York City and expand into the financial services and management consulting industries. Carles Ferrer of Nauta Capital will join the company’s board.

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