Truecaller acquires India-based mobile payments company Chillr

Sweden's Truecaller has announced that it has acquired an Indian startup called Chillr, which offers a multi-bank payments app since 2014, to complement the Truecaller Pay service it had launched more than a year ago. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed at this time.

From the blog post:

"After spending a lot of time with their team, we’ve seen that we share a lot of synergies; values; culture; and thoughtfulness when it comes to paying attention to user experience. They have also a great foundation on the business side, establishing great partnerships and a good reputation in the industry. Their team of engineers and designers have a profound understanding of mobile payments, the social fabric of India, and a deep passion for products that they will now bring to Truecaller."

Truecaller has a user base of 150 million users in India. It also boasts 300 partners in the country, where it will leverage its payments feature.

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