Cambridge-founded startup Fluidic Analytics that develops lab tools for protein analysis has raised $31 million in a funding round led by Draper Esprit, with participation from Delin Ventures, BGF, IQ Capital, and Amadeus Capital Partners.

The products developed by Fluidic Analytics are based on a proprietary platform from the University of Cambridge that can give researchers “deep insights into the way that proteins fold, aggregate and interact by characterising them in solution – precisely as they exist in the body,” the startup stated in a press release.

Seeing what’s going on with proteins in real time could help to better understand the biology underlying conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and the interaction between drugs and their targets.

“This financing will power the global commercial launch of our Fluidity One system and enable our team to bring our next two lab-tools products to market,” said Andrew Lynn, CEO at Fluidic Analytics. “It will also allow us to advance a number of high-potential clinical applications that could help us make an even bigger impact on the world.”

In the photo, left to right: Fluidic Analytics founders Tuomas Knowles (CSO) and Andrew Lynn (CEO)

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